Womb Weaving Ritual

Womb Weaving Ritual

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Womb Weaving Ritual 

This Womb Weaving Ritual is a soul medicine process for connecting and communing with the wisdom of your womb. Working with the sacred energy of the Creation Spiral this is a co-collaborative practice between you and the wild consciousness of your womb to weave in harmony and truth together. The womb is not just a space for birthing physical babies, it is a powerful creation portal where woman birth all their gifts from. 

This journey guides you through a process of aligning and attuning to the wisdom of your womb. Designed, channelled and written by Sara to be a self-care support tool for women to come back to time and time again.

This journey's intention is to

  • Support you to be able to cleanse, clear and transmute old energies your womb is holding. 
  • Align your womb to Mother Earth, The Sun + Your Authentic Soul Vibration.
  • Provide a container where you can deeply listen to the wisdom and guidance of your own womb consciousness.
  • Set intentions and call in what you want into your womb space.
  • Set up energetic boundaries and protection to keep your precious creation portal clear + sovereign.
  • The more you work with this process and your womb wisdom, the deeper you will go.
A regular womb practice for woman is a powerful ally to creation, creativity, sovereignty, confidence, freedom, power, grounding and staying connected to your inner truth.  

: 33 minutes
Recommended Use: A beautiful practice to do on a regular basis for womb maintenance and balance and harmony. 
Chakra Balancing: Sacral Chakra


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