Surrender Holy Smoke Eco Incense
Surrender Holy Smoke Eco Incense

Surrender Holy Smoke Eco Incense

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•<||• SURRENDER •||>•


Relaxing the will to recognise the deep knowing within.

A clean, peppery and rounded spicy scent.

High in Sandalwood known for aiding spiritual practices and calming influence on the nervous system combined with a very high altitude Himalayan Angelica.

The indigenous tribal people wild harvest Angelica annually when the conditions are favourable. The herb is associated with spiritual support, blessings, good luck and good health.

Good for emotional balancing and relieving anxiety. Can be used for sacred ceremony to enhance enlightened divine awareness.

Holy Smoke Eco Incense is a conscious eco-friendly range of Incense with elevated subtle energies and appealing scents for uplifting, purifying and healing.

Designed with high quality plant based ingredients using traditional hand-made methods.

A safe incense that is free from all toxic substances and lovingly packaged in handmade recycled materials.

Ingredients include a blend of high quality activated charcoal, resin, herbs, essential oils, aromatic woods and bamboo sticks.

12 sticks per pack. 
Packet 25cm x 5cm