Self Healing Practice

Self Healing Practice

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Soul Medicine Tools | An alchemical series of guided self-healing audios

Self Healing Practice

Soul Medicine for Connecting to Nature's Healing Source

Self Healing Practice is for anyone who wants to connect to the potent and intelligent healing energy that exists within them. This is a beautiful hands on healing guided process that will take you on a journey of lovingly supporting your body, mind and soul.

: 33.44 minutes
Level of Experience: Suitable for anyone, all ages. From newbie, never meditated to experienced meditators.
Recommended Use: As often as you like, This is a beautiful practice you can do daily.
Chakra Balancing: All of them 

I was guided to create this process after years of my reiki students asking me to create something that would support their regular self healing practice. When I sat down to channel the script it became very clear that this is a process for ANYONE to use, not just those who have done their reiki training.

The truth is that you are your own healer. You can access & plug into Universal Healing Energy at anytime. Call it what you want; Reiki, Prana, Chi, White Light, Divine Love, Christ Consciousness, Mother Nature, God-force, Shakti/Shiva, 8th Dimensional Vibration, or insert whatever the latest buzz word is here. This energy is universal healing energy, reiki, straight from the source point, the heart of the universe. It is pure, creative and potent love. HINT: ‘Divine’ and ‘Nature’ = Same power source. Spread the word. You have access to this energy, because you are made of this energy. You naturally resonate with it as this is the force that creates life. The force that created you.

This healing intelligence knows exactly what you need at this time to come into balance and harmony. Within this guided journey a sacred space will be created so that you can plug into & consciously direct its energy via the palms of your hands into each of your chakra points. This process is completely safe, natural and complimentary to other self-nourishing tools. When done on a regular basis this will bring you home to your true self and allow you to reconnect to your innate power and truth.

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All The Space In Between Recording audios have been professionally recorded and mastered. Beautifully mixed for your optimum meditation experience.