Sacred Copal Incense
Sacred Copal Incense

Sacred Copal Incense

Be Earthed Ritual Tools | Teomati Sacred Copal Ritual Incense 

The best Copal Incense ever. Big Call, but once you try it you will agree too!  Teomati Sacred Copal incense sticks are handcrafted, long-lasting, and made out of copal resin.

This means that each stick can last around five times more than a regular incense stick. These are not artificially scented like many other copal incenses, these are made with only 100% pure copal resin. 

Use Tips

  • Set an intention and create a special moment when burning Teomati
  • Use to cleanse a space for your contemplative practice
  • Let Teomati be of help in your self-care journey
  • Develop a more conscious relation with copal and its gifts

Burning & Care Instructions

  1. Using either matches or a lighter, light the stick until the tip catches flames.
  2. Let the tip flame for about 5 seconds then blow it off.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 two or three times.
  4. Let the stick burn all at once or in stages.
  5. Enjoy


As you generously support Teomati, you’re contributing to the wellbeing of indigenous communities in México, their cultural sovereignty, and the protection of their territories.

History and Uses of Copal

Copal is an aromatic resin derived from the sap or “blood” of certain trees from the Torchwood family that hardens when in contact with the air. These amazing incense sticks smell incredible and can be used for personal ritual, ceremony, accompany a meditation practice or healing session and are wonderful to lift the energy of your home.  Use them to relax, cleanse and create sacred space. 

Copal, when burned, produces a white smoke that Native Mesoamericans associate with Iztacteteo or “White Gods.” These gods, in turn, are believed to aid in the communication between humans and the Great Mystery. The column of white smoke created by copal burning represents the cosmic axis out of which the universe and all its creatures emerged and acts as the connecting thread between the worlds, between heaven and earth. The burning of copal calls upon the wisdom of the heart of all things and symbolizes the Mysterious center ever pulsating toward greater consciousness and connection. 

Copals Uses

Copal’s resin has a rich history of therapeutic and medicinal uses.

Overall, the uses of copal in ancient México and amongst contemporary indigenous cultures can be divided into three primary functions:

* Divinatory (ie., the Otomí people “read” the copal’s smoke with the aid of a candle to diagnose disease).

* Preventive & Therapeutic (ie., copal smudging is one of the most common preventive and therapeutic practices in traditional medicine).

* Sacred Offerings (ie., the Lacandon people craft receptacles dedicated to a particular god(des) in which copal is burned, thus “feeding” the divine abode of such deities).

These three functions can be seen to emerge from an old understanding of copal and its smoke as a sacred, connective element.

Rooted in ancestral reverence and equally relevant contemporary applications, copal is a true plant teacher; an ally for body, mind, and spirit

8 Top Quality Sticks. Handmade + hand rolled. 

Each unique artisanal copal stick can last to about 90 min, burn it all or in stages.

Burn time can vary depending due to their artisan nature. 

Eco-conscious packaging: Recycle-able shell + Biodegradable wrapping. 

Hand Made in Mexico.