Glow : The Reiki Love Bubble Album

Glow : The Reiki Love Bubble Album

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GLOW | The Reiki Love Bubble Album
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Your Daily Toolkit to immerse yourself in the universal healing energy of Reiki. Designed for use for everyone, regardless on if you have had a Reiki Attunement or not. 

Everyone has access to the energy of Reiki as it's within you and around you always. You can work intentionally with the healing intelligence that flows through you to support your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis. The practice of Reiki allows you to come home to yourself and your true nature. Reiki is wonderful for relaxation, creativity, healing and to flow with the continual ebbs and flow of life. 

After teaching Reiki for over a decade, Australian Reiki Teacher Sara Brooke has compiled the most loved and requested Reiki Meditations from her classes. These practices have allowed her students to go deeper into their own personal relationship with Reiki and establish a solid self-care practice with it. 

On this album you can find a variety of methods and different ways of working with Reiki. Each practice has varying time lengths from quick tune up sessions to longer more immersive practices when you want to go deep; including a delicious Reiki sleep meditation. 

If you are a complete newbie to Reiki the practices will allow you to start to experience giving yourself self-healing as a self-care practice and for those that have been attuned in a workshop and have maybe fallen out of a regular practice let this album inspire you to reconnect to Reiki in new and expansive ways. 

Tracklist + Practices 

1. Circling Of Light  | 12 mins
For energy clearing, clarity and balance. 

2. Glowing Respect | 13 mins
For grounding, strengthening and empowering. 

3. Organ Love Healing | 30 mins
For aura blessing and organ healing. 

4. Power Portals Practice | 14 mins
To empower and have space to connect to the voice of your intuition. 

5. Primordial Alignment | 30 mins
For clearing and alignment with the mother consciousness. 

6. Reiki Slumber Cloud | 55 mins
For sleep, dreaming and deep rest. 

7. Self Healing Practice | 33 mins
Traditional Reiki Hands on Healing for the Energy Centres/Chakras. 



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