Reclaiming Joy - Embracing Joy as a Superpower

Reclaiming Joy - Embracing Joy as a Superpower

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Embracing Joy is truly one of the greatest superpowers we have access to as human beings.

Joy is one of the highest expressions of Love and it holds an incredibly healing and powerful frequency. Feelings of Joy produce beneficial brain chemicals that support us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Joy reduces stress and calms the nervous system. Joy inspires us, enhances gratitude and helps us become more resilient and strong. Joy makes our overall experience of life better.

Embracing Joy means recognising life is a precious gift, even amongst times of challenge. Leaning into joy doesn't mean we ignore painful conditions in our life or world. It doesn't mean we pretend or bypass difficulties - we can recognise and accept the reality of what is and then choose to embrace joy because of that. Our Joy can support us to keep our hearts open, even when awakening to the darkness of the world. Joy can support us to recognise that two things can co-exist at the same time, challenges AND moments of joy. We might even discover that leaning into and feeling joy is exactly the healing balm we need to keep going. Joy can be exactly the fuel to ignite innovation, connection and inspire change.

In this Soul Medicine Prescription + Transformative Energy Work® session on Wednesday 13th December we will be Embracing Joy. As a group we will come together  to explore the places and spaces within us where we might be repressing, suppressing or judging our Joy. Collaborating with supportive earth and universal energies you will be supported through gentle energy work to reclaim your Joy as a superpower, allowing it to bless you and your life in beautiful, miraculous and unexpected ways.

As we come into the end of the year that is traditionally so busy and stressful for so many - take a moment to give a gift of Joy to yourself. You can attend live or watch the recording. It's okay if you can't make the live session as this is designed as a practice you can return to again and again when you want to connect with the medicine of Joy.