Embracing Growth - Moving Through Resistance.

Embracing Growth - Moving Through Resistance.

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Embracing Growth - Moving Through Resistance. 

A Soul Medicine Prescription + Transformative Energy Work Session 

To grow in life requires meeting and moving through resistance. Resistance is natural and is a sign from within the body that change is happening. Like a seed sprouting and pushing through the earth and soil, there is a transformative energy of momentum and alchemy that initiates change. It is part of the natural cycle of growth and life.

We can sometimes get stuck in resistance and old patterns of behaviour when we fear leaving the known. It's easier to loop in the safety of our comfort zones rather than face what we need to face or action what we need to take action on. We can become very clever at procrastinating, distracting or avoiding verses embracing the opportunity of growth.

There is a false belief out there that humans naturally resist change. It's not true. We accept change in our lives all the time, especially when we see how that change will be beneficial for ourselves.

In this Soul Medicine Prescription we will be examining and reflecting on the areas where resistance is blocking us from beneficial growth. If you have been feeling a little stuck or unable to move forward this will be an opportunity to gently and compassionately meet the parts of you that are potentially sabotaging your growth. Alternatively if you are feeling the winds of change moving through your life and want to bloom more passionately and ease-fully this energy work session is designed to empower you to call on and dance with the support of what you need to fuel your growth.

In this session we will be collaborating with earth and universal healing energies to clear the layers of resistance in our field that are ready to transform and open to receive blessings of courage, confidence and compassion to embrace easeful and beneficial growth within ourselves and our lives.

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